Monday, September 15, 2014

Well that was predictable

The original skyjacking caper and its critique attracted some attention. Long story short, it sounds like there's a villain face-off.

The original poster, who I identified as "Aerial Albertan", is of course none other than the Beautiful Bomber of Edmonton. Several of you checked the news from last year and did indeed spot the stories of similar skyjacking routines. She was captured by Kid Cumulus but managed to escape.

The follow-up comments were posted anonymously by request, but that villain has voluntarily outed himself as Dice, a veteran of the community since the 1980's. BB basically called Dice out and suggested a competition: both of them will pick a flight, and whoever brings down more actual dollars (Canadian) "wins". I'm not sure what she thinks is at stake here, but I'm doing my part as neutral party to publicize the competition as requested.

Dice made the rather pointed suggestion that waiting until a week before Christmas will yield an objectively more profitable caper, no matter which plane you pick. I think this threw a monkey wrench into BB's hope of some fast publicity, but she agreed. I personally believe she's going to use this time to refine her original caper idea, and I hope she does - not because it's necessarily bad, but because I believe in excellence and improvement.

So good luck to both Dice & Beautiful Bomber, and good luck to any civilians on the planes they pick.