Monday, September 1, 2014

Dragons, dinosaurs, and comments

Yesterday's post generated a lot of controversy. Let's break the comments down into categories.

OH SHIT SON SUPER DINOSAURS. This was the #1 category of comments. Let's just get that out of the way.

Your source is full of crap. This was the #2 category, close to #1. The story came with what I consider impeccable physical evidence and I'm personally satisfied that the party I spoke with is on the level. I'm not giving out any more information than that. If you don't think that I'm a reliable source, stop reading my guide.

This invalidates <scientific theory X>. Yeah, maybe. So? Scientific understanding gets overthrown all the time. Anthropology, archaeology, biology, biochemistry, history, parabiology and parahistory would all be shaken up by this information. But I'm a villain, not a scientist.

Speculation that the evidence I alluded to is some sort of dinosaur fossil. Maybe.

Speculation that the evidence I alluded to is a live super-dinosaur. Maybe. Let's consider the facts: in humans, progression through the Hashmal stages extends lifespan, provides a healing factor, and mitigates many biological dependencies like food and breathing. Beast-Boss's empowered animals are known to grow, and that's just Stage 2. So you can probably speculate on the traits possessed by a hypothetical Stage 3 or higher dino, and come out with Godzilla - able to live under the water for extended periods, not dependent on food, huge size, probably increased intelligence, and very long lifespan - perhaps even one of the dinos the poster was suggesting. Well, that's all possible, isn't it.

I want to see a fight featuring <random hero or villain> vs. Mega Dinosaur. Well hey, you might get your chance very soon, who knows.

It's not physically possible to clone dinosaurs, there's not enough viable DNA. Yes and no. The upper limit for any DNA viability is about 1.5 million years. The oldest viable DNA on record is between 450,000 and 800,000 years old, and Tyrannosaurus dates to 67 million years old. But people like the Scarab Guardian are able to grow animal body parts through a process called anaphasic synthesis even without access to the original DNA, so it's possible that another super might be able to create "dinosaurs" from fossils, even without viable DNA.

In fact, based on what I was told, I got the random idea that the Scarab Guardian might in fact be a descendant of these "first pharaohs", the super-powered rulers of ancient Egypt described in yesterday's post, based on his power set. How cool would that be?