Thursday, June 5, 2014

Q&A: Virginia edition

"Villain in Virginia" writes in with a few questions.

Do I have to wear tights?

Absolutely not. That said, depending on your powers, you may want to. Here's the skinny on villain costuming.

First, dress for protection. If you aren't bulletproof yet, get some body armor, for Odin's sake. BodyarmorHQ is the gold standard for vests. The National Institute of Justice does regular testing of body armor for cops, and their reports on the Internet are a gold mine of useful information. Also, and I know people are going to hate this, but wear head protection. A good SWAT sniper will take out a Stage 2 or squishy Stage 3 without some kind of headgear. Incorporate a mask or decoration into it if you must.

If you're bulletproof, wear something expendable, not expensive. Anything you wear is going to be a lot less tough than you are, so expect to lose it. This is one of the reasons a lot of newbie supers look like they just got out of the gym - that stuff is non-constrictive and breathes okay, and you can get it cheap anywhere, no questions asked.

When do you wear tights? When you're a little more established. Why? In two words, sex appeal. Your body is going to be sculpted to near-perfection by the Stage 2 and Stage 3 transition. You're going to be good looking for a long time - your longevity and healing factor will see to that - so this is the time to flaunt it! Studies show that people respond positively to attractive people they see, so you want to show off your assets. That means tight clothes, bright colors, and just enough skin to keep things interesting. For the girls, male heroes will pull their punches and cops will hesitate before shooting. For the guys, a good look gives an air of authority and you can bull your way through a lot of trouble with confidence. I know it's sexist, but if it keeps you alive, what's the harm?

I just have a garage instead of a lair is that okay?

A garage is fine, as long as you don't lead the cops or your victims back to it. In fact, a garage is a good idea for your safe-house, described in my introduction. You can keep a lot of tools and supplies in there without drawing attention to yourself.

My hero went insane and got cryogenically frozen, did I do something wrong?

That's his problem. Your only problem at this point is finding a new hero. You want to pick a hero before a hero picks you, because most heroes will go after someone they think they can take down - you want the initiative here, so you can get a nemesis you can easily handle. Obviously if your primary hero got frozen, this person will be your second and hence less ideal choice, but sometimes that's how life is. Roll with the punches and get back in the game!