Saturday, June 28, 2014

Q&A: Influences

Today we're taking a different sort of Question and Answer. I get a lot of comments and private messages that basically ask:

Mr. Big, what are your influences?

I like to think I've been around long enough to be the influencer, but here's a short list of some of the heroes, villains, and other people who made me who I am today:

  • The Marxman, you crazy Russian bastard. That head shot is what pushed me to Stage 4. Couldn't have made it without you, buddy! Good aim.
  • Tokyo Rose, you're beautiful. Nobody can stop the signal.
  • Mischa, you taught me a lot. Anyone can tell a bad lie. You always knew when to tell a good truth.
  • B.A.K., you were one of the best. No remorse, no regrets, just a terrifically motivated dude.
  • Illumina, for being the all-loving savior of humanity, and for believing that even a bad guy like me can be changed. Thanks for letting me prove you wrong and accepting it gracefully.
  • Professor Pulsar, for letting me know just how important science is to an aspiring villain. You'll be missed.
If you have a favorite hero, villain, or other important person, leave a shout-out in the comments.