Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wavelength Posts: Agartha

This is by far the funniest topic I've read in awhile. Some of these posts are old, but who cares? As usual, my comments are italicized.



In ancient Hindu texts, and in the knowledge seeking of the Theosophists, we learn of the Agarthi, or endless interior Earth, where the devas and the asuras do battle. Today we would call these superheroes and supervillains. The tunnels to Agarthi are found under Tibet. The Tibetans have always honored the primal wisdom and kept these dangerous secrets sealed from the outer world.

More truth about Agartha emerged last year. A John Doe patient - for those of you in the United States - was admitted to the Heath Hospital in Cardiff. He was badly dehydrated and showed small puncture marks across his body. He was hallucinating and babbling, in English and two other languages. The attending doctor prescribed what medication she thought appropriate, then sat down to puzzle through this mystery.

The subject experienced moments of lucidity, during which his story came out in fragments. The doctor and one of the nurses called in a psychologist to help make sense of the man's mental state. Together these three pieced together the thread of narrative.

The man, a native of the north, had been exploring the mountains near his home. He had slipped and fallen into a crevasse. The doctor found no evidence of broken bones, so he was presumed to have survived that accident relatively unharmed. He had a light and used it. He must have tried to find a way out - any sensible person would - but the only thing he felt the need to talk about in his delirium was going further into the darkness.

The crevasse was the entrance to a cave system. There was nothing but rock and darkness for what felt like hours, but he reports seeing a faint glow that wasn't his torch. The light led to a bioluminescent fungus - and a flowering, fruit-bearing plant he had never seen before. Hungry, he threw caution to the wind and ate. This was the beginning of what the doctor concluded was the start of the hallucinations - the plant was undoubtedly some local specimen that had taken root and was not suitable for consumption.

The hallucinations took a strange turn. An unspecified amount of time later, the man reported hearing voices echoing from the tunnels ahead. He describes a pair of beautiful humanoid figures, male and female, who glowed with an inner light and found him slumped against the wall. They carried him, as though he were lighter than a child, through the tunnels and emerged into a magnificent underground grotto.

He stayed for several more hours. The strangers fed him, garbed him in robes of light and song, and showed him the wonders of their world. His descriptions of this period of recuperation are exceedingly confused, but he was clear on one point: the strangers had to take leave of him for a time, in order to rescue fallen comrades, who they said were at war with other similar beings elsewhere in the grotto.

In time they judged him healthy and escorted him to the surface. The man professed no memory after that. He had been found alone in the mountains and airlifted with a helicopter to the local hospital, which found its facilities unsuitable to treat his condition.

He stayed for several days. During that time, the doctor found something significant, something she omitted in her report at first. John Doe's brain was infected. The infection wasn't a natural organism - it was a sort of synthetic nanomachine, of the same sort that was reported in the brains of animals the supervillain Beast-Boss reportedly put under his mental control. John Doe had shrieked in pain at one point during an MRI, and was found to be sensitive to strong magnetic fields for several days after. The nanomachines slowly washed themselves out of his body, and the doctor collected numerous urine samples that contained their remains.

Could John Doe have really entered an inner Earth? The doctor believed something else: John Doe had taken part in a shared hallucination, a dream world created by someone or something that had transmitted information into his brain. How much of his experience was real? Only the Agarthans - if they exist - may truly know.