Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Superheroes of Note: Bluescreen

Today's hero is another well-known, well-respected super. Villains hate him, but at least we can trust him to be consistent.


For anyone who's been living under a rock for the last ten years, Bluescreen is a nationally registered law enforcement officer with ACTION, former astrophysicist, and professional superhero. His eyes glow blue, and a similar light radiates from the interior of his body - nose, mouth, even a faint trace from his skin.

If you watch television, you've seen this guy. Despite the glow, he's the public face of law enforcement's superhuman division these days, what with the American All-Stars collapsing. He also makes guest appearances on shows like "CSI". He's appeared on "Cosmos" with Neil deGrasse Tyson, as a science consultant on superpowers.


His bio claims that he's a former astrophysicist who worked at a radio observatory. One day the facility was struck by something, which he thinks was an alien radio transmission, and the computers and electronics blew out. He claims to have lost consciousness, and when he came around he was glowing. After discovering his powers, he joined the cops out of a sense of civic responsibility.


Bluescreen is the brick on any team he's a part of, thanks to his force fields. He's got a lot of experience in the field since joining up with ACTION. He's pretty intelligent, so they usually put him in command in the field. He's got a knack for diplomacy and conflict resolution, which helps.

He loves any chance to get back into science, so if there's someone else who can take charge, he'll usually step aside and fall into the role of science consultant and adviser.


Bluescreen is motivated by a sense of duty to society. In a recent interview, he says he was inspired by classic space opera and sci-fi serials depicting heroes who save civilization. As a science fiction fan, he found himself drawn to astronomy and astrophysics from a young age.

He tends to get caught up in his role. He's definitely more flamboyant and larger-than-life when acting as a superhero, when compared to his public statements when not crimefighting. Seriously, the guy talks like a suit when on camera: "The Meyers legislation offers the most promising reduction in recidivism among Stage 2 offenders, which is why I urge the Senate to send it to the subcommittee immediately for consideration." Now compare that to: "Scourge of Seattle! Stand down, or fall down - choose quickly!"

He's definitely a straight shooter. If he says you're going to walk out of the bank in trade for the hostages, you'll walk out. He's been known to put up force fields to keep snipers from shooting villains while talking things out. That said, if you betray his trust, he will screw your life up. Geode found this out the hard way by hurting some hostages. One twelve-minute beatdown later, he was unconscious and Bluescreen didn't have a scratch on him.


Bluescreen can create and reshape translucent blue force fields around his body. The closer the field is to him, the stronger and more controllable it becomes. The Transhuman Capability Catalog tentatively assigns him as TCC F12, unified electromagnetic force control, but there's definitely some weird shit that he does which isn't electromagnetic.

He's impressively skilled at shaping his fields. We've seen him do any or all of the following things:

  • Flight, by levitating his body via force field.
  • Personal armor and defensive barriers to protect himself and others and provide temporary life support.
  • Force blades and edged shapes to cut through tough objects.
  • "Compression bubbles", consisting of a spherical force field wrapped around a volume of air. The field is shrunk, greatly increasing the pressure inside. When he releases it, the blast of air causes tremendous outward pressure.

Bluescreen typically makes nonlethal attacks, either using field-enhanced strength or compression bubbles. He reserves his force blades for inanimate objects, vehicles, and the like.


He's a well-known G-man and basically will never have a secret identity ever again thanks to his body's glow.

He's put away a few powerful villains, who I know from personal experience are itching for payback. If they ever team up to take him down, it's going to be a legendary fight.